EU-Brazil business development: technical regulations


This is a project carried out by CCGI with the financial support of the European Union under the Multiple Framework Contract FWC/FPI/PSF/2015 - "Market Access and Trade & Investment Agreement Negotiation & Implementation", in which CCGI is in charge of "Mapping of applicable technical regulations, conformity assessment procedures and supporting standards in support of EU-Brazil business development".

The research project has started on January 2017 and it will continue throughout 2018.

1. Study identifying the 7 industrial products' sector of current or potential significance in terms of trade between the EU and Brazil (priority sectors) and mapping existing regulatory initiatives in Brazil and in the EU to identify needs and gaps in order to avoid duplication of ongoing efforts.

The study is available here.

2. Study mapping technical regulations, mandatory conformity assessment procedures and supporting standards applicable in the 7 priority sectors in Brazil and identifying potential, interested Brazilian and EU institutional partners (government entities, regulatory agencies, standardisation bodies? and sectorial business associations) in the 7 priority sectors.

The study expended the sectors to a total of 11 due to the breakdown of the chemicals sector into five different sub-sectors: basic, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fertilizers, and cosmetics.

These documents are working documents as for the statement available here.

It is also important to highlight that, for the moment, all documents enlisted below are working documents, and hence it represents research in progress. The opinions expressed in those papers are not intended to represent the positions or opinions of the European Union or its members and are without prejudice to members' rights and obligations under the European Union.

2.1. Brazil: Overview - Brazil and its standardization

2.2. Brazil: Food and Beverage Industry

2.3. Brazil: Machinery and Mechanical Appliances

2.4. Brazil: Electrical Machinery and Appliances

2.5. Brazil: Information Technology Sector

2.6. Brazil: Automotive Sector

2.7. Brazil: Medical Devices Sector

2.8. Brazil: Chemical Sector - Basic Chemical Products

2.9. Brazil: Chemical Sector - Cosmetics

2.10. Brazil: Chemical Sector - Fertilizers

2.11. Brazil: Chemical Sector - Pesticides

2.12. Brazil: Chemical Sector - Pharmaceuticals

3. International Conference - Regulatory Dialogue Brazil-EU

On 14 May 2018, the first results of this research was presented at the international conference held in São Paulo at FIESP.

Brazilian and European stakeholders were invited to exchange views on the technical regulation and supporting standards in the sectors mentioned above. The Ambassador to the European Union Delegation in Brasilia, João Gomes Cravinho, made valuable considerations on these issues to the audience.

Please take a look at the Conference Proceedings with all presentations of the panelists invited to this event (click here).

Opening Session. From left to right: Prof. Vera Thorstensen (FGV); Dr. Thomaz Zanotto (FIESP); Ambassador João Gomes Cravinho (EU Delegation); Dr. André Fávero (SECEX/MDIC); and Dr. João Augusto Baptista Neto (CAMEX).

Opening Session. Ambassador João Gomes Cravinho.

Panel 1; from left to right: Gonçalo Ascenção (CEN-CENELEC); Prof. Vera Thorstensen (FGV); Rogério Correa (INMETRO); Carlos Santos Amorim Jr. (ABNT); Jefferson Carvalho (ABRAC).

Panel 2; from left to right: Paulo Castelo Branco (ABIMEI); Anita Dedding (ABIMAQ); Fabián Yaksic (ABINEE); Prof. Vera Thorstensen (FGV); Michal Zakrzewski (APPLia-Home Appliance Europe); Thomas Ulbrich (VMDA).

Panel 3; from left to right: Louis Hinzen (FoodDrinkEurope); Paul Girard (Cosmetics Europe); Maria Ruiz-Cuevas (CEFIC); Éder da Silva (ABIQUIM); Jan Carlo Delorenzi (FARMABRASIL); Prof. Vera Thorstensen (FGV); Jaime Oliveira (EFPIA); Ariadne Morais (ABIHPEC); Marcos Pupin (ABIA).





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