Releitura Project

The Releitura Project is an amibious and minucious study of WTO's regulatory framework, analysing not only the Agreements and its translations into portuguese, as the Agreements were internalized by the Brazilian Goverment, but also the interpretation of its main principles by the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) through its Pannels and Apelation Body (AB). Through the normative system that encompasses both Civil and Common Law, the decisions and recommendations of the DSB turn into jurisprudence and become essencial elements for the understanding of WTO rules. Bearing that in mind, a deeper analysis of WTO's Articles in light of the DSB's interpretation is utterly relevant.
The main objective of the Releitura Project is to offer Brazilian academic and business sectors a useful tool, and to gather a dense team of young researchers in the academia and law practices into the study and adaptation of WTO rules and understandings in a parallel with the Brazilian normative system.
This is a continuous work and is produced in portuguese.


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