About us

The Center for Global Trade and Investment Studies (CCGI) was created in 2010, at São Paulo School of Economics (EESP), with a purpose to integrated International Economic Law, International Economics and Business Administration to the study of International Trade. 

International trade is a multi-layered field of research, for which the CCGI offers an approach focused on regulation and competitiveness analyses in all multilateral, regional, bilateral and domestic levels. 

The CCGI has developed research projects on international trade and economic integration issues:

  • World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreements and Case Law;
  • Exchange Rates and International Trade;
  • Non-tariff barriers to trade: technical regulations and sanitary and phytosanitary measures;
  • Regulatory coherence and convergence;
  • Environment, Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Labour rights, and sustainability standards;
  • Regulatory and Economic impacts of Regional and Preferential Trade Agreements;
  • Regulatory and Economic impacts of trade barriers and trade liberalization policies at a sectorial level;
  • Brazil accession to the OECD.

CCGI has been a member of the WTO Chair Program since 2014.




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